Double Block and Bleed Services Valve

Double Block Services Valve installed on top of a mechanical or hydraulic access fitting and provides temporary containment and control of pipeline media, as well as the mounting point for the mechanical retriever tool during installation/retrieval of monitoring devices such as corrosion coupon, corrosion probe, etc.

This tool also allows equitable control of the pressure between the side of the pipe and the side of the retriever. There are have needle valve for the lower ball and seat assemblies. Evenly distributed pressure reduces the torque needed to operate the valve.

It also reduces pressure from fast pressurization, thus extending the lives of the seats, o-ring and components of valve. A blinking cap/plug assembly can be installed on the valve as an additional safety measure, if the plug cannot be removed, or if a longer term sealing is required. However, the servoces valve is not designed to be mounted permanently.

This tool is manufactured from stainless steel 316 SS for 6000 psi, Carbon Steel for 3600 psi and 2500 psi. Material meet with NACE MR0175. The weight of the Valve is approximately 50.7 lbs (23 kg), standard temperature up to 204 degree celsius .
The services valve comes as a box and includes a non-spark hammer, an extension bar and a tools kit.


  • Pressure Rating – 2500 Psi, 3600 Psi, 6000 Psi
  • Seal Options Available for Temperature Rating up to +450 °F (+232 °C)
  • Compatible with All Retrievers
  • By-Pass Bleed Valve Provides Safe Pressurization
  • Meets NACE MR0175 and MR0103
  • Reference Catalog Bcormon
SV500 Doble Block Services Valve

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Double Block and Bleed Services Valve


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