3″ Scale Corrosion Coupon

We sell 3″ Scale Corrosion Coupon of various sizes and models for 2 “system access fittings, which are commonly used for oil and gas, upstream and downstream, chemical companies, etc.

3″ Scale Corrosion Coupon

1 pcs corrosion coupon consists of:

* corrosion coupon (AISI 1018 or to order)

* standard nylon insulator

* serial number * VCI cover / bag

* evelope bag, silica and plastic bag

Precise checking of consumption rates in any condition is basic when seen as far as the support and fix costs related with erosion and material disappointment.

Test coupons give a cheap methods for on-line observing that will permit you to viably quantify the destructiveness inside your framework. By watching the mils-per-year consumption pace of an uncovered coupon, significant data can be given with respect to the material’s future.

3″ Scale Corrosion Coupon

Coupon holder for corrosion coupon

3″ Retractable strip coupon


Additional information


AISI 1018, ASTM A106 gr B, to order


30-50 gram union depending on the model, details will be listed on the envelope


NACE RP-0775 and ASTM G-1


2-7/8″ x 7/8″ x 1/8″


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